Business Lunches Fork Buffets

Our fork buffets are the perfect place to start to cater for your office needs. With flexible menus that you can tweak to suit and plenty of variety. Ideal for Boardroom lunches.
These menus can be booked for next day delivery Monday to Friday.


Apple Juice ( 1 ltr):  £  1.30 - Qty:

Orange Juice ( 1 ltr): £  1.30- Qty:

Sparkling Water ( 1.5 ltrs):  £  1.30 - Qty:

Still Water ( 1.5 ltrs): £  1.30- Qty:

PLEASE NOTE: If you have chosen one of the extras options from above please do not then also add them again in this section (we will choose the specifc items for you)

Veg sticks & dips (V)£0.75
Cheese on Sticks (V)£0.90
Cheese & Biscuits (V)£1.00
Tikka Skewered Chicken Skewers*£1.00
Cocktail Sausage Roll£0.70
Vol au Vonts£0.70
Mini Chicken Kebab Selection*£0.70
Ginger & Lemongrass Chicken Skewers*£0.70
Other savoury item£0.70
Satay Skewered Chicken Skewers*£0.70
Meat Quiche£0.70
Salmon Canapés£0.70
Mini Chicken Satay£0.70
Mini Chicken, Bacon and Leek Pies*£0.70
Meat Canapés£0.70
Mini Savoury Eggs£0.70
Mini Indian Selection (V)£0.70
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks (V)*£0.70
Mini Bruschetta Slices (V)£0.70
Camembert Bites (V)*£0.75
Mediterranean Mozzarella Skewers (V)*£0.70
Vegetarian Quiche (V)£0.70
Veg Canapés (V)£0.70
Spring Rolls (V)£0.70
Mini Danish Pastry (V)£0.65
Mini puddings (V)£0.70
Basket of flapjacks (V)£0.65
Wrapped Cake Selection (V)£1.25
Bowl of Crisps (V)£0.65
Bags of Crisps (V)£0.75
Fruit Platter (V)£1.30
Fruit Pots (V)£1.30
Fruit Basket (V)£0.90
Bottles of Drink 500ml£1.20
Cans of Drink 330ml£0.70
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